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Easy Front Door Fixes: Paint, Decorate & Plant

A front door is a home’s greeting with the world, a first impression and a promise of good things on the other side.  ( Yes, I know I always say this.)  Realtors always suggest a front door fix-up when selling a home but even if one’s home isn’t on the market, spring is the perfect time to perk up the front door area of your home.  Here are three DIY worthy fixes, unless you wanna take it further. 🙂

The one thing a front door must always say is, “welcome.” Dead front doorHere is a charming cottage but the front door just hangs there dull and uninviting.  Squint your eyes, is the front door obvious?  Nope.  A front door has to be obvious.  It is kinda pointless and off-putting to paint it the same or close to the same color as the house.  Might as well just say, “go away.” paint the front door Add color to the front doorHere we simply take a color from those gorgeous well tended roses and now we’ve got an exciting door.   Adding some color makes the door is easy to recognize. DecorateDecorate the front door areaThis house is screaming an invitation!  This homeowner decorated the street-view of their home for maximum impact.  Everything is color coordinated, the plantings are neat and cheerful and they took what was an overgrown dinky yard and made a cute patio areaBoring front entrance of cute houseThis charming little Art Deco bungalow has a stunning front door when one gets up close, but there is nothing going on which invites a closer look.  Front doors need to pull you in, draw one in.PlantsFix the front door with plantsOh, but when a couple of terracotta planters are added to coordinate with the colors of the tile detail surrounding the door and filled with a couple of Hibiscus plants, this gets attention.  Take it a step further by creating a beckoning walkway rather than tucking the walk along the front of the house.

Now lest you worry I just blather on advice to others… I take my own advice too.  Admittedly my front entrance is still in progress in terms of landscaping, but here is a peek of the Before and After of our front door transformation. Front door area 4 months after move inWe moved in at Thanksgiving, by December the hideous (so bad I didn’t take a picture) roof thing over the front door was in a dumpster.  See the white “hole” above the vintage 1978 double front doors, this is where a stupid brown shed like roof was stuck on like a bad appendage.  New lights are already on, I think those were ordered by December 1st.   Okay, you can totally ignore the bad plantings, I was so desperate I threw anything at it. Front doorPaint, Decorate and Plant on a bigger scale.

  • Retro double front doors and glass bubble roof – gone-ski.  
  • Mary-Kay peach brick, covered in breathable polymeric white coating.  
  • I designed the single door with side lights and placed a large window in the open area above.  
  • The attached acrylic and metal canopy is super chic, only a gazillion times better than what was there.  
  • Of course the door has been painted Lisa Blue.

The plantings and landscaping aren’t at 100% yet and yes, I have to work on one thing at a time, however the first three items were spring #1. (And why is it money doesn’t grow on trees?)  Look up and you’ll notice a small section of the green garden roof.  The decoration includes my favorite blue Spore doorbell, love these things.

Spring is a great time to fix up the front door area of a home.  Sometimes it happens in stages but other times a quick coat of paint, a few decorative elements and a couple of potted plants are all it takes.  When you think of your front door think, PDP – paint, decorate and plant.  With these three fixes behind you, your home is ready to welcome your friends. Lisa sig

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