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Easy Mosaic Tile Backspash Is DIY Worthy

Glass mosaic tile is one of the quickest ways to update your kitchen or bathroom.  Once considered trendy, it has become a mainstay in homes regardless of style.   At the 2012 Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago the design community was in agreement – the painted or wallpaper backsplash is dead.  Clients love a mosaic glass backsplash and the ability to make their home special. But what if you are not sure about or interested in figuring out a great design to coordinate with your countertop?  This is only made worse when you walk into a tile store and get whiplash becasue your eyes are popping out of their sockets as you look at all the tile options available, “I like this, I like that, ooooh I must have…” and you leave with your head spinning.  Problem solved. Not to worry, artist and mosaic tile guru, Susan Jablon, has done all the work for you.  “Matching  a customers counter top for a backsplash is what we are specialists at.  Customers are often found at the end of their gorgeous kitchen installation process but left without a backsplash.”  Susan took this all too common problem and developed an easy to use solution to bring a kitchen or bath design full circle. Susan created a candy store of over 130 ready-made mosaic tile blends (mosaic tile mixes) specifically to go with Cambria Quartz countertopsThe Cambria Line is sold by the square foot the designs are already laid out on mesh backing for easy installation.Each of The Cambria Line blends lists on the back of the card every Cambria surface they coordinate with and recommended grout to use to achieve the best look.  This has DIY written all over it!  Cambria has some of the hottest solid surface countertops available today which look like granite or marble but with none of the drawbacks.  Click here for more on why quartz solid surface material makes a great countertop.

You may recall I found Susan at the KBIS show earlier this year and nearly needed a bib to keep from drooling over her awesome use of color in mosaic glass tile.  She is an artist, a colorist, a tile guru and businesswoman.  Susan Jablon mosaic tiles are the homeowner’s answer to having a unique mosaic tile, a DIY person’s dream and a designer’s gift.  The Cambria Line is available through certain Cambria dealers throughout the country contact Susan Jablon to find out where you can purchase.

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2 Responses to Easy Mosaic Tile Backspash Is DIY Worthy

  1. I love this idea! The convenience of the semi-pre-fab kits is a great way to ensure a quality final product the neighbors will envy.