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Enjoy The Holiday With A Fuss Free Modern Christmas Tree

Fuss Free Christmas Tree from Modern Christmas TreeAdd a little jingle to your holiday decorating this year with a fuss free Christmas Tree from Modern Christmas Trees.  All you need is a screwdriver and a ladder.

Hate the chore of hauling out all the Christmas tree decorations?

Tired of one too many pine needles stuck in your sock?  Ouch!

Dreading the chore of untangling all those lights?

Sick of the tree drying out because someone forgot to water it?

Once the holidays are over wouldn’t you rather just pack up the whole Christmas tree and be done with it?

The Modern Christmas Tree

Originally conceived in the 1960’s, designed by an architect and perfected by his family, The Modern Christmas Tree is a delight for any interior.  Easy to install, easy to take down, fun to decorate and beautiful to look at, this is a tree for any modern family.  The Modern Christmas tree in the dark.The cool factor is elevated with a battery rotating mirror ball and halogen uplight.

When Christmas is over or you feel like taking down the tree (in February), it all goes neatly back into the handy case for easy storage.  Finally a Christmas Tree, the cat can not climb up into.   The Modern Christmas Tree, the answer to a fuss free Christmas Tree. 


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