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Examples of Design Priciples from Encore Las Vegas

The one thing I enjoy about Vegas is the hoteliers do an excellent job when it comes to the interior design of their hotels.  At the top of this list is Steve Wynn’s Encore at Wynn Las Vegas.  He employed a team of interior designers at the top of their game to insure no detail was overlooked.

Crystal Peacocks at the entrance of the Baccarat area.

Now you maybe thinking, okay cool but Vegas is all glitz and glamor how does this apply to me?  Good design is relative.  Yes, Las Vegas is big, but good examples of design principles are relevant anywhere.  These pictures illustrate basic design principles (some call them design elements), for home use all one has to do is scale back the size and grandiosity.

Balance – Repetition is a simple formula for creating balance using furniture, colors, shapes and finishes.  This arrangement employs formal balance which means one side is the mirror image of the other.Scale and Proportion -This lobby of the Encore Spa has almost 14′ ceilings.  It requires big stuff to relate to the size of the room.  These lamps are over 48″ high.  This cabinet in a normal home might be 30″-36″ high, is much higher here.  Again we recognize balance in a repetition of materials, shapes and colors.  Notice how coral is the “element of surprise” used with the 3 statues to add visual interest.Rhythm – As your eye wanders around a space good rhythm creates comfort and interest.  Repetition allows a comfort level which puts people at ease.  This is used very effectively in this large hotel and casino with light fixtures, colors and those glorious signature butterflies found on carpeting, as mosaic tile, on walls and on the ceilings.Emphasis – Certain areas or elements of a room or space need to be dominant or emphasized.  This glass dragon sculpture captures the attention of anyone at the restaurant Wazuzu.  (Yummy sushi and dim sum.)The three different trims on this sofa: bullion fringe, brush fringe, and nail heads, keeps it from being monotonous and dull.All of these design principles are present in good design regardless of location.  Any one can be achieved at home, just on a smaller scale.  It is interesting as you walk through the Encore and connecting Wynn one instantly becomes at ease.  The colors are familiar.  Design principles are applied with the same care.  This is what makes a space comfortable and the inhabitants feel good.  And what is the guideline of a casino?  Make people want to stay.  How is this any different in your home?

Take a look at Vegas Today and Tomorrow for more information and pics on the Encore’s development.

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