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Excellent Book On Bold Colors For Interiors

When you need a dose of color inspiration for your home decor or a motivational color fix this is the book to run to.  Warning, reading Bold Colors For Modern Rooms will provide the same giddy buzz as a pink cherry cosmo!

Bold Colors for Modern Rooms: Bright Ideas for People Who Love ColorI bought this color book when it first came out in 2001 and I absolutely love it as a visual color reference.  Bold Colors For Modern Rooms by Sarah Lynch is still available at amazon.com.  There are numerous color books but this is the one I open over and over.  Don’t you hate buying a pretty book you only look at once?  This is not one of those books, I promise.  I’m actually on my second copy.Color is required for any home decor project, new or old and this book is sure to provide inspiration.  I use it to show clients an idea, somehow seeing it makes it okay.  Fully of succulent color pictures this book almost has you running to the paint store.

True modern colors for today’s world.  Good colors, real colors, pretty colors in soft or vibrant hues.  Don’t get scared by the word “modern” because this is not just for the edgy contemporary look.  Think modern as in current.  Organized by color, page after page of pictures and ideas for each!  Heavy reading not required!  But it is only 141 pages.  So if you are hot into doing something with orange skip right to page 30.The sections on complimentary and triad color schemes are helpful when considering more than one color to use.  The chapter on fast fixes has the most reading but very soothing to anyone curious about using color.  If you are the least bit scared to try the luscious hot magenta you gravitate to, this book will remove your fears and hold your hand.

If you like color, this is a must have book for any design library or just to salivate over while planning your dream interior.  Read it before you select your paint color.

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2 Responses to Excellent Book On Bold Colors For Interiors

  1. TALV58

    I like color a great deal but I think the New England in me hinders my use. Here is a bit different though.

  2. Lisa M Smith

    The nice thing about this book is it covers all the hues and tints – so one doesn’t have to go vivid. It works wonders in all parts of the country. 🙂

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