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Exciting Inspiration Room from Lucy and Company

A new day, a new month, a new topic: kid rooms.  How did August get here so fast?  Wasn’t it just April?  Well, we are having almost the same weather this year, it is so hard to tell.

Anyway since many of you are transitioning to the back-to-school mode, it feels like a great month to talk about rooms for kids, children, tweens, teenagers, high-schoolers, infants, babies, toddlers and young adults off to college but with semi-permanent residency at home.   We’ve got offspring on the mind so why not get into decorating their rooms. This months inspiration room comes from one of the best, my friend Beth Keim, owner/designer/artist and chief creative goddess behind Lucy and Company in Charlotte, NC.  It comes to no surprise Beth started her design career with kids rooms, color and whimsy are part of her natural vocabulary and are two key ingredients in a successful room.  Beth is a kid a heart functioning at an adult level… well, there were a couple times in NYC we digressed.  Shhhhh.  🙂

These are the characteristics or traits to keep in mind when decorating a room for the youthful set.  Whether it is a dorm room or nursery they all apply.

Kid room design involves the personality of the child and translating this into appropriate home decor.  The days of recycling yet another cartoon character or the ole princess theme are OVER.  All month we will explore fun new options for decorating kid’s rooms.

Here is another idea to ponder, think back to the English Proverb “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”  What effect does a stale, dated, or generic bedroom have on your child?  Maybe its time for a room makeover?

Photo courtesy of Lucy and Company

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2 Responses to Exciting Inspiration Room from Lucy and Company

  1. My wife and I just painted our nursery this past weekend. Since Penny isn’t likely to remember much about this room (we’re looking to move before her first birthday), we kept it relatively simple. Figure her next bedroom will be more conducive to imagination and creativity.

    Looking forward to the inspiring stuff to come, Lisa!

  2. Ohh, what color did you paint? Kid rooms are one of my favorites because color is always a factor and one can be a bit more fun and daring than they usually might. When the time comes for her next room her personality will be in full color and she’ll lead your choices. How fun. Thanks for stopping by!


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