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Exterior Architectural Elements

They may say everything old is new again but if this is true why do the new homes being built today have no sense of design element other than an over use or poor use of faux stone or phony dormers and generic windows and doors?  Believe it or not but I LOVE historic architecture.  When I go to NYC, London, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Palm Beach or even home to Harbor Springs my insides get all gooey over the architectural details on old homes.   I’ll share this visual feast of eye candy.Santa Fe, New Mexico

Arcadia Round Barn

Frank Lloyd Wright copper details on Dana-Thomas HouseRussel and Ruth Kraus House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Edsel and Eleanor Ford MansionMakes the cookie cutter subdivison homes look kinda bland, doesn’t it?  Architectural details matter.  They are worth the time, effort and expense.  Clearly some items totally out of read today due to craftsmanship and associated costs.  However, today’s home can easily be much more than just a box void of any distinct personality.

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