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Extraordinary Colorful Glass Tile From Artist Susan Jablon

On my final day of the Kitchen and Bath show, I was strolling the perimeter isles by myself.  My partner in snark Brandon Smith was on his way to the airport, I would be heading home the following morning so I did my own version of speed-boothing in the final hours of the day. I almost tripped over myself darting into the booth of Susan Jablon.  We immediately struck up a conversation surrounding color, creativity and a hole in the market for fabulous colorful tile.  Susan creates these glass tile mixes herself and has people make whatever she dreams up.  This is a woman who does not let the word “no” get in her way.  AKA – An interior designer’s dream!Before I get you all hopped up let me make it really easy, you can purchase tiles right from her website.  Get your home decor wheels spinning.  This is a gift worth sharing unless your neighbors are prone to copying.

Besides the endless mosaic options and colors here is what I really went crazy over: jewelry grade semi-precious stones fashioned into tiles and not at semi-precious prices. Arizona Turquoise and complementary glass mosaic tiles.Black Fire Opal mosaic tile.

Now if that doesn’t just make you scream!  Yesterday in a post over at Building Moxie I wrote about the top trends from the Kitchen and Bath Show.  Tile, especially glass tile backsplashes are hot, hot, hot and here to stay.  And the color black is making a stylish appearance in the kitchen and bathroom.  Keep the rest of the decor simple, add one of Susan’s mosaic mixes with the opal and you are working an amazing room.

There really isn’t much more to say other than you might need a bib or drip cloth to look at these next installation shots Susan was kind enough to forward to me.  Simply stunning. Thank you Susan for creating glass and stone mosaic tiles which are fun and special.  In the upcoming weeks, you’ll be hearing more about her products as there are a few things I’ve held back or this post would be too long. 🙂

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3 Responses to Extraordinary Colorful Glass Tile From Artist Susan Jablon

  1. Nicole Zeigler

    Ooh – I missed that booth! Thanks for sharing! I imagine your kitchen looking like the 3rd install photo (blue cabinets, blue tops)… am I far off? 😉

    • You are welcome. It was a lucky surprise. Yes, the blue is very similar to my blue kitchen. I’ve even got colorful glass tiles but if I didn’t I would be using these.

      So nice to see you!