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Fashionable Technology in Kitchen Faucets

By now you’ve likely encountered one of the touch-less faucets in a commercial environment.  A quick wave of the hand underneath and the water turns on or off (sort of).  Now how about having one where you could really use it?  Like in the kitchen for when your hands are covered in flour from your latest backing project…  Enter the Smart Touch ® faucets from Brizo.

Click on picture for video via Brizo. Brizo kitchen faucets There is a  Smart Touch ® faucet for every style in all the fashionable finishes.  It is truly addictive because it changes the way you interact with your faucet.  Simply touch the faucet any place on the body and the faucet goes on.  The water goes on and off when needed.  In case this is not enough Brizo goes one step further… Click on picture for video via Brizo, and learn how this faucet is completely hands-freeBrizo uses the latest in infrared sensing technology to triangulate the user’s distance and activity to turn the water on and off when the user is away from the faucet.  It is like having your own kitchen assistant.

Something I found interesting from talking to the Brizo designers is they truly study people in their kitchens using faucets to determine what people need.  This is not a “me too” design team rushing a product to market to keep up with the others.  They innovate and create based on customer need, usability and experience.  Brizo faucets perform, are enjoyable to use and bring fashion to the kitchen.

Wanna see more Brizo faucets?  Check out this post from one of my fellow Blogger 19 pals, Nichole from Enzy Design.

*Disclaimer: Brizo took me and 18 other designers, architects and bloggers to Fashion Week in NYC and to participate in design related activities.  In accordance with the law I have to say this but believe me, I wouldn’t post about a product if I didn’t like it.  Posts and topics are completely at my whim.

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4 Responses to Fashionable Technology in Kitchen Faucets

  1. Nicole

    Great post Lisa! Love the SmartTouch and can’t wait to use it!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Nichole. It was great to meet you at the event. I’ll never look at faucets the same again!

  3. Jb @BuildingMoxie

    Love the SmartTouch! super post my friend and I am so glad you got a chance to experience this experience. cheers!

  4. Thanks JB! Mine new SmartTouch is still in the box waiting to be installed – can’t wait!

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