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Favorite Design Finds from 2011

The year 2011 delivered many new design finds to the world of interior design.  Here are some which are sure to last many years and perfect for the next interior design or home remodeling project.

Linear Shower Drain Grates – OMG people love these.  Contractors like them, architects take to them like a long lost child and homeowners think they “look cool.”  The reality is they make sense for anyone who wants a tile floor in their shower.  It is so much simpler for the contractor to angle the floor in one direction rather than in multi-directions like they would for a circular drain.

Textured Walls – Flat is just so yesterday.  Rather than dismantle old paneling, brick or rock covered walls today we paint them over or utilize a new textured material, panels or wallcovering which screams chic.  Single Handed Faucet – These likely started for the ADA crowd but have filtered over to everyone else because the idea of only needing one hand to use a faucet is quite appealing not to mention extremely stylish in terms of design.

Quartz Takes Over Granite for Countertops – Gone are the days of granite or stone being the only legitimate luxury countertop material.   Quartz is a superior material in terms of cleanliness and durability not to mention it can be fabricated to look almost seamless and comes in a ton of colors. Thank you – Cambria!

Glass Mosaic Tiles are Still Here – Over ten years ago these appeared on the scene as a new trend, but having filtered down to the everyday market in easily accessible price points, high design manufacturers are still churning out new offerings.  Glass mosaics are not a trend.  Those toe curling ikat mosaics from New Ravenna are to die for!

Color has Knocked Beige off the Map – There is no reason to stick with boring old vanilla beige and tan when there is such a bowl full of glorious interior flavors.  Fabric and other surface materials from flooring to walls to countertops are all about colorful options.  Color says, “I’m fashionable and have personality.”  Beige says, “I’m a bore with nothing interesting to say.”

In terms of design products and materials, 2011 had a lot of fresh and exciting options to offer.  I can’t wait to see what is ahead in 2012!

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