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Five Clever Ways To Use 2018 Color Of The Year At Home

Five Clever Ways To Use 2018 Color Of The Year At HomeA new year brings a new color. January marks the season for renewal, refocusing our lives, and new goals, not only for our diets, but its a great time to engage in a bit of spiffing up at home. One super easy way to infuse a new vibe into the interior is with a new color. Pantone recently named the ethereal Ultra Violet the Color of The Year for 2018.

You might be surprised how simple it can be to add purple to interiors without appearing gauche, too girly or hideously 1970s. To get you started here are five ways to inject a bit of violet into your home.

Purple art for the homePurple art? Oh yes you can. Look around, purple hues exist all throughout the landscape, in nature or in an artist’s mind. We found these stunning prints on Art.com, it’s is easier than one might imagine to infuse a home with some Ultra Violet.

Ultra violet for the bathroomUpdate a bathroom instantly with new towels or a new rug in Ultra Violet from Fine Linen and Bath. Every wonder why us designers like making white bathrooms? Because it makes it so simple and inexpensive to use color to revive a very expensive-to-change room.

How to use amethyst in interiors

Go natural, Amethyst is one of the most popular stones in the world. Known for its beautiful purple color and healing powers, a wonderful specimen cluster, geode or collection of amethyst crystals can be a dynamic addition to any interior. Designers have been making amethyst lamps for decades. Because it is a natural stone, the whole matchy-matchy thing goes right out the window. Now you’ve added a conversation piece which naturally draws attention when placed in a room.

Color of the year coastersSpeaking of nature, agate is the hot stone for interior use, especially when the color is enhanced. Consider these beautiful purple agate coasters from Caris Green on Etsy.

Valentines Day gift ideaFinally here is a great gift which incorporates Ultra Violet in a fun way, wine tumblers from LSA International. Be ahead of the curve, get these as a Valentine’s Day gift!

Interesting Properties of Purple

  • Restful and relaxing
  • Inspires creativity
  • Can enhance spirituality
  • Promotes harmony and balance

One additional fact I’ve learned is men either hate it or love the color purple. However, each time I’ve used it in their interiors, they love the results. So just go for it! 😉




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