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Five Ways To Display Seashell Collections

Got shellsIf you are the shell obsessive type (yes those are my extra shells all bagged and categorized above), you likely have a lot – lots and lots of shells, stuffed in drawers or hidden away in boxes.  I’m asked how to display seashells so often, writing a blog post is much easier than starting a support group.  Here are some of my favorite ways to take your shells out of hiding and incorporate your collection into your decor.IMG_1465 (600x800)Seashells are one of nature’s wonders or best free souvenir we love to collect.    We spy the perfect specimen frolicking in the edge of the surf while walking along a beach.  The surf pulls away revealing a bounty of miniature sculptures.  We race to beat the returning wave.  All to collect the perfect shell.

Has anyone gotten an unintended soaking from the Sea Gods for swiping a shell?  Raise of hand – oh yeah.Big shells on displayDisplay en masse!  Fill all those inexpensive glass jars, bowls and containers you also have an affinity for!   Big shells call for a big bowl.  Abundance creates conversation.   I fill large glass vessels with all one type of shell (the majority of these were from one trip) or groups of shells. Shells from Hawaii These are all shell from our first visit to Maui.  Shells from Hawaii are different, all the coral and lava at the ocean’s edge tend to break larger shells and give smaller ones a rougher look. Displaying shellsShells collected during Naples projectCollections can be mini time capsules which inspire fond memories.  I collected these shells from my morning beach walks while working on an interior design project in Naples, Florida.  When I look at the jar, I remember my time working for this wonderful client who has since passed away.

When items are grouped together you make the collection a focal point.  This becomes an enjoyable place for the eye to rest.  It causes one to pause, and with guests these inspire conversation… always a good thing. Seashells around candle (600x800)Display seashells in candle-holders.  Toss a bit of clean sand in the bottom to enhance the seaside feel and you’ve got a great mini-seascape.Shell Christmas treesAnother option is to get crafty.   Using Styrofoam cones, available from any craft store, a hot glue gun and shells – I created these seashell Christmas trees.  Actually, some of these are out year around, they don’t have to have anything to do with a holiday. Seashell window displayOne of my blog pals creates a casual shell display on the deep windowsills of her old farmhouse.  Stunning! Shells on tableSelect some of your better specimens to feature on their own.  Place shells artfully on a tabletop.   I scream with excitement when I uncover one of these rare and elusive black and white shells.  Nature is a great artist. Display of urchin shells from HawaiiThese special finds from Hawaii are particuarly hard to find in one piece, which makes them worthy of their own display.

The wonderful thing about seashells or almost any collection is, more is better.  A ton are more fun, you get the point.  Display of shellsSeashells are sculpture, nature is the artist.  Collecting seashells is a passion shared by many.  But rather than hide these found objects away in a drawer, make them part of your home decor.  Show off your seashell collection.

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  1. Sooooo pretty ! Shells make everything awesome 🙂 beach coast decor is where it’s at *_*. Xx

  2. Hey there my fellow shell collector! Ahh the wonders of nature… what’s not to love about a shell?


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