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Four Elements Of A Great Dining Room

I picked dining rooms and/or dining areas as our focus this month mainly because we are about ready to enter the home entertaining season.  Dining rooms come into their own as the holidays start to punctuate our months. Our inspiration room for October is from Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise.   I went non-traditional because many people have given up the formal “dining room” in lieu of a more livable interior.  Dining rooms/spaces are about food, family, friends and functionality – not four serious walls.

A great dining space has four things:

  1. Comfortable seating for four or more.
  2. Visual interest, but not so much the focal point is taken away from the dining experience.
  3. Room to move to get in and out of the chairs, to circulate and no overcrowding.
  4. A table large enough to accommodate diners but not so large one can’t have a conversation with the person across from them.

Vanessa’s room has everything necessary to inspire guests to be comfortable, linger and enjoy their meal and conversation.  The dining space is functional.  It isn’t too serious or uptight, but it can easily roll out the (red) carpet for a formal affair.

How do we make the dining space enjoyable?  How to we make the space functional?  How do we create an environment which motivates us to spend time taking pleasure in a meal?  These are just a few of the dining related items we will cover the month of October.  Stay tuned! 🙂

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2 Responses to Four Elements Of A Great Dining Room

  1. Turquoise

    Thanks for featuring my work! Best ~Vanessa

  2. You bet, great work!


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