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Four Fresh Ways To Add Color In A Home

4 ways to add color to an interiorInteriors need to be revitalized every so often, no major redo or infrastructure renewals. A fresh breath of life is all which is needed.  Color is one of the best ways to infuse a jolt of life back into a room. But keep reading, this is not your typical DIY decorating post where the writer points you to a bucket of paint as your answer. This is a clean job, no painting required, just four ways where a little color can go a long way towards waking up a tired room.

1. Dining Chair  Colorful dining chairSwap your kitchen or dining chairs for those in a bright colors. The days of matching dining room sets are long gone.  Dining deserves personality, no reason to look at a bunch of boring chairs, adding color makes them their own piece of sculpture.

2. Lighting Colorful lightingA zippy new light fixture can give a room an entirely new look.  Even a colorful lampshade can change the mood.

3. End Tables Colorful end tablesNothing can be quite so boring as an old brown wood end table, live a little. Colorful end tables add an exciting pop to the living or family room. Go for bright clear colors or crisp exciting patterns.  Mix them up or place together for your own artsy coffee table.

4. Cabinetry Colorful CabinetsUnless you are moving soon, cabinetry does not have to live in the safe zone, add some color. Bathroom, kitchen, and any other fixed cabinets all look stunning in a chic or spicy colors.

People love color. We gravitate to color so why not come to terms with appreciating the colors we love and use them in ways which make our homes neat and unique. When you add color in unexpected ways an interior can really come to life.


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