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Furnishing An Outdoor Dining Space

When I was a kid there was no such thing as an “outdoor living room” or “living space.”  There were patios, decks and porches.  Outdoor dining usually took place on location while camping or on a picnic. At home it was still a picnic table on the back deck.  My grandmother had a proper set of outdoor dining furniture which is likely still in use somewhere as the vintage revival has taken hold. While antiquing last summer I came across set after set of perfectly fine outdoor dining furniture.

Today there are so many more options to create a really stunning outdoor dining space in wood, metal or man-made materials.  Furniture and photo via Kingsley-Bate Elegant Outdoor FurnitureFurniture and photo via Crate & BarrelFurniture and photo via Dedon

Designer Tip: It still helps to do a floorplan first, just to make sure your dream furniture fits.  Allow for at least 36″ from the edge of the table to any wall or other piece of furniture, planter, etc.   This is the minimum, because this is outdoor dining and people like to push their chairs back and linger, 42″ – 48″ would be even nicer.  Because of this lounge aspect, unlike interior dining, the most hospitable choice is for all dining chairs to have arms, not just a host and hostess chair.

Whatever your space and material choice there are stylish options in every price range for outdoor dining furniture.  Personalize it with outdoor fabrics  in fresh bold colors to create a unique space which suits your home and personality.  Dining outdoors can be a wonderful experience.

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2 Responses to Furnishing An Outdoor Dining Space

  1. TALV58

    You are so right about how outdoor living spaces have changed. We used to have a little deck and a picnic table.

  2. There was maybe a 4 seat table and one could pull up an extra folding chair or eat on your lap. Now we have more refined outdoor dining – or great marketing, either way it works.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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