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Gemstones Are The Interior Color Trends Going Into Fall

Oooh I’ve been salivating over all the new fabric and wallcovering offerings in fabulous yummy colors.  Just because the economy may be iffy doesn’t mean interiors need to be dull and hum drum – quite the opposite.  Walking in the front door of a home should fill one with happy comfort and what better way to achieve this than with happy colors.

Oranges and Magentas – What a way to wake up a tired terracotta! 

From left to right: Manuel Canovas, Elitis wallcovering and Duralee fabrics.
Mannington Carpet in two patterns

The Purples – Channeling the retro Donny Osmond purples in a good way.  New shades have a brightness and purity whether a pastel or more saturated hue.

Duralee fabricsPollack, Manuel Canovas, Elitis wallcovering, Manuel Canovas and Duralee fabrics.

Greens – Emerald and grass greens are flooding showrooms especially combined together.  Lime is still relevant to liven any color scheme.

Manuel Canovas

Blues – Of course being known as the blue girl or having my own “Lisa Blue” in various forms I always gravitate to clear and pure blues which for a few years were very hard to come by.  Thank you color god’s for delivering!  Periwinkle, Ocean, Blue Skies and Ceylon Sapphire are abundant.

Lilly Pulitzer, Designer’s Guild, Zinc Textiles, and SeaCloth Lilly Pulitzer, Elitis wallcovering and Designer’s Guild

Yesterday’s dulled down muddy versions of almost any color have been replaced with pure gemstone colors.  If that doesn’t qualify as natural color I don’t know what does.  Just make sure to explain it is fabric you want when you tell your significant other you wish to be surrounded by amethysts, emeralds, turquoise and sapphires. 🙂

Source links:

Manuel Canovas

Duralee Fabrics all from the new Eileen Kathryn Boyd Textiles collection

Pollack & Associates

Lee Jofa for Lilly Pulitzer and SeaCloth


Designer’s Guild

Zinc Textiles

Mannington Commercial Carpet

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2 Responses to Gemstones Are The Interior Color Trends Going Into Fall

  1. Hello Lisa!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and I appreciate that you are not afraid to take risks! I agree that lime is a perfect color to liven any color combo and that a home should be full of color because it greatly affects one’s mood, something that could always use some uplifting in this economy!

  2. Thanks Kristin. I hear you, why live in a doom & gloom interior. Fresh just always feels better and lifts the spirits. Lime is fun. 🙂


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