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Gessi Makes The Bathroom A Wellness Destination

Imagine what it would feel like to begin and end the day in engaged in pleasure.  The mind is centered.  Breath moves as a melodic calm throughout the body.  Human senses are resolute.  Ripples of satisfaction engage the mind and body.  Renewal and rejuvenation are married in the depth of the soul.  This sense of wellness is an achievable luxury which can begin in the bathroomGessi Brings Wellness To The BathroomIn recent years bathrooms shifted from a purely functional room to a destination which can fuel the mind and body with an overall sense of wellness.  Gessi, a manufacturer of bathroom fittings, infuses every product with sense of style and elegance which seamlessly enhances a user’s personal space and nourishes their sense of well being.

What is wellness?  The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind.  Gessi showerSimplicity provides balance.  Simplicity is elegant.   Gessi achieves simplicity in this shower, not with knobs and obvious dials, but by integrating controls seamlessly within the necessary.  Balance is achieved by making daily tasks simpleGessi sinkBeauty is found in routine.  A sink or faucet which is easy on the eye is easy on the mind.  Gessi showerTexture can rejuvenate, renew and relax.  The same Gessi showerhead can provide three separate textures for the user to experience.  A solid stream to rejuvenate,  a spray for renewal and a mist to envelope the body in a warm hug while performing tasks.  Gessi toilet and bidetGood design is effortless, to the naked eye.  Gessi keeps the bathroom uncomplicated.  A toilet is not just a toilet.  A sink is not just a sink.  And a bathtub should absolutely be an experience, visually and physically.

The designers at Gessi live and breathe this mindset, they allow bathroom design to achieve a sense of elegance and well being.  They create knowing one’s personal needs, beyond just a functional level, are satisfied at a more emotional level.  Which is why their products are selected by some of the most discriminating clientele in the world for private residences and some of the most prestigious accommodations in the world.

The bathroom by design is a destination.  Gessi creates bathroom fixtures which allow the bathroom to be a place for nourishment, rejuvenation and renewal.  Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is often the first and last room one uses every day.  Great design is achieved when a product meets the demands of performance while stimulating the senses at the same time.   This is wellness.


Disclosure:  The point of view expressed above is my own.  Our trip to Venice and Milan with BlogTour Milan was possible by the generous sponsorship provided by the National Kitchen and Bath Association(NKBA), BLANCO AmericaGessi CompanyClever Storage by KesseboehmerDekton by Cosentino, and Modenus.

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