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Get Your Garden Ideas Early!

It is garden season, technically garden design season!  Weekend trips to the garden store, planting, and just enjoying all the outdoor colors can fill one’s head with outdoor projects.  The problem for me is I see some great idea after I’ve already done my planting for the season.  So in the spirit of planning…  here are some ideas to incorporate into the garden before one goes to the garden store. 🙂 Using a grid is a tool for organization and design. A water feature can be purely about sound. Plantings make a big impact when planted in all the same color family like this one full of yellow-greens.  Of course for me the pot would be blue, but it still works. Illusion is a design tool which works just as well inside or outside of the home.

These are just a few ideas I’m trying to keep at the forefront of my brain before I go to the garden store and start digging.  Happy Gardening!

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2 Responses to Get Your Garden Ideas Early!

  1. TALV58

    I love pebble paths!

  2. Me too! Serene and calming.


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