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Go For The Lighting To Be Seen and Appreciated

Beautiful interior lighting is like the icing on a cake, while you don’t always need it, a room can be magically transformed by the addition of a spectacular light fixture. Here are 12 superb examples of gorgeous lighting which doubles as artwork. Light as a feather pendantWeight can sometimes be an issue when it comes to pendant lighting but here with the feathers or Bubble light pendantplastic balloon like spheres, it is not an issue. Kitchen LightingKitchen or island lighting need not be boring or ho-hum.  Hey, if you gotta see it… make it interesting. Creative SconcesNowadays wall sconces are so much more compelling than those boring old candlesticks from days long past. Linear lightingThe options with simple geometry are endless.  Standing or hanging, a line offers great visual impact. Wow lightingThe wow factor only need occur once, maybe twice in a home, not in every room.  A meaningful entrance area which gets lots of use is the perfect spot for a stunning light fixture.

Regardless of  your decor style there is something for everyone.  Maybe the right lighting could be the cornerstone of a new style in your home.  But we want to help you a little more than a few pretty pictures.

Can we be real for a moment?

Let’s talk money.

Cost matters, but remember the old saying “penny-wise pound-short”?   So applicable when it comes to lighting, people tend to hold back.  Some get turned off by price, fear or just live with what the last homeowner or builder installed.

Quality and the end result should be in the driver’s seat.  Prices can make anyone shudder but when it comes to lighting it is important not walk away because a lamp isn’t under $39.99 or a pendant is in the $500 range.  Lighting has to be viewed as a component in a room.  Will it make or break the room?  Will the room fall flat without the right fixture?  Many do.  Designers can create and install a fabulous room but if the lighting isn’t there… pointless.

  1. Beautiful lighting is not always expensive, some are and worth it.
  2. Mix it up, go high/low in pricing in your decor just like your wardrobe.
  3. If it is a really wonderful light fixture which makes your gut scream with delight, as long as it is appropriate for your home or room, invest in your happiness.Wall lighting

Lighting is one of those interior decor items in which we find magical delight, until it comes to buying it,  we can hang back shuffling through a list of excuses.  So I challenge you, if this is your home make it your own with the one object sure to make you smile and look good, lighting.


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  1. jas

    i like the last ones – the wall sconces…

  2. Lighting really does make all the difference…

  3. Lighting hiuh? Whodathunk?

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