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Good Kitchen Seating Has Your Back

In today’s kitchens, where to sit is as important as the inherent function of preparing food.  Seating takes on a central role in the modern kitchen.  Our kitchens are a hub of activity, whether entertaining or everyday living we require a comfortable place to sit down. As much as I love this great looking kitchen, backless seating is rarely comfortable.  Bar stools make for a great photo and I mean no disrespect to the designer of this kitchen.  But like many things we see in pictures, reality necessitates different choices.

Whether you choose table, counter or bar height seating  – select seating with a back if you plan on someone sitting comfortably for more than five minutes.  Having something to lean/sit against makes a world of difference in the contentment of your family and guests.  In this contemporary kitchen you can still get a clean uncluttered look.  While the back is low enough to slide the stools under the counter it is still high enough to provide support.Table height seating offers more choices than with counter or bar stools and they can perform double duty.   For those who also have a dining table elsewhere in the home, table height kitchen chairs allows the flexibility of utilizing as additional seating in the dining room.  Why go to the expense of 8, 10 or 12 matchy dining room chairs when the dining room is used to seat this many people less than five times a year?   Get four or six which stay in the dining room and shuffle in the kitchen chairs when needed.Seating with a back looks more relaxed and inviting. One other choice for comfy kitchen seating is a banquette – a favorite designer trick to maximize space.  I designed this freestanding banquette to tuck into an odd shaped kitchen corner because chairs were not an option.

If you are looking for more information about how to plan for adequate seating in your kitchen check out this post from one of my blogging pals and wonderful kitchen designer, Susan Serra.  Kitchen seating needs to be user friendly and comfortable.  Great kitchen seating has your back.

Images: Sardar Design Studio via Knight Moves, Four Seasons Kitchen Design, Wilkinson Blender Architects via Chictip, Luis BustamanteKristen Buckingham, and my own.

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