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Good Seating Will Keep Your Guests From Heading For The Door

What kind of host are you?  Do you want people to linger and relax or dine and dash?  Comfortable sofas and comfortable chairs for conversation as well as dining are an absolute must. good seatingWe’ve already covered the need for floor plans appropriately sized conversation zones but now let’s talk seating, comfortable seating.  Creating an enjoyable home for entertaining is directly related to the interior seating you choose.  The chairs and sofas have got to be comfortable, pleasing and soothing.

Chairs and sofas are not “filler.”  Buying a hideously uncomfortable chair or because it looks wonderful, is a waste of money.  Check these inhospitable seating options spotted at one of this year’s trade shows.bad interior seatingAny of these choices look cool, but they are terrible for relaxation or enjoyment.  In the “bedouin dream” picture, this furniture is far too low for anyone to get in and get out of.  Consider an older person or someone in a skirt, not good.

The orange chair sits weird, the seat is flat and the shape is odd on one’s back.  The gray sofa is completely stupid because there is no support whatsoever.  As a dog bed yes, for people – not ever.

Remember some furniture is like runway fashion, it is editorial – meant for the look not actual sitting in.

comfortable dining chairsComfortable seating is just as important in the dining room or kitchen.  Upholstered and supportive seats are a must for long term enjoyment.  Bad and good kitchen seatingI get a kick out of these silly wood bar stools.  Seriously, nobody is going to sit at one of these for more than two minutes.  Hard surfaces are tough on both older adults and those with ample posterior padding.  For real comfort, the Chanel inspired quilted bar stools with a supportive back and rounded seat are heavenly.

Any piece you want to use for seating needs to be sit tested and comfort approved.   comfortable chairNot all furniture is available for a test drive however, you can give it a once over with your eyes.  The chair above looks good; it has a cushiony seat, looks like a nice seat height, normal proportions, and has useful height arm to ease sitting in and getting out of the chair. seating measurementsFor everyday gotta-be-comfortable seating, know your body and some basic measurements for what is comfortable.  Depth is a biggie.  For sofas and lounge (not dining) seating, the depth of the seat can be the most important for real comfort.  Too deep causes poor posture.  Too short and one is sitting like they are at constant attention.

Depending on your activity, back and neck support can be crucial to comfort.  To watch TV a higher back is often preferred.  For dining chairs with a low or hard back, it is important they not be so low as they cut into the middle of one’s back while seated because it is painful.

Comfortable seating checklistKeep this in mind, you want to sit in not on a chair.

Sit test if you can, but if not, a visual with reference to your comfort measurements will go a long way with helping you choose the right seating for your home.  Make your family and your guests as comfortable as possible with chairs and sofas designed for comfort and ease.  For more on seating reference the following posts:


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3 Responses to Good Seating Will Keep Your Guests From Heading For The Door

  1. The sit test is key. It amazes me how often people buy without test driving…

  2. Janet

    Lisa you are the Goldilocks of chair selection! Thanks for the tips. We have a chair that I like to look at, but hate sitting in because it’s too deep and therefore, uncomfortable. You’re absolutely right about the “sit-testing”.

  3. Thank you Janet. It is amazing how often people waste good money on uncomfortable seating. As much as I agree with sit testing, it isn’t always an option which is where knowing your comfort measurements come in. With lots of custom furniture under my belt, which is not open for preliminary sit testing – I take customers to our Design Center measure what sits comfortably for them and these measurements become the cornerstone for creating comfort in my designs. Works like a charm. 🙂

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