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Great Eats in Scottsdale

Great Eats in ScottsdaleGot warm weather travel plans to Scottsdale, Arizona? Here is some help on great places to eat while visiting the Scottsdale area. Heavy on delight and armed with flavor is how we like to eat when on vacation. From my tastebuds to you, here is what you need to know for dining in Scottsdale.

Here are our six best eats to cover all your dining needs in Scottsdale while in town. Our best restaurants all have great reviews and are intended for those who like flavor as part of their meal.

B = Breakfast
L = Lunch
D = Dinner
In order of the day we start with coffee, Press Coffee RoastersPress Coffee – Located at Scottsdale Quarter and served at many fine establishments in greater Phoenix, is primed to get your motor running. Press will delight the most fitful coffee snob or the guy who just wants a great tasting cuppa brew. No nonsense, no fluff, just great coffee and exceptional cappuccino (pictured above).Proof Canteen - Four Seasons TroonProof Canteen  B L D – Four Seasons Resort (open to the public)

Indulge in a hearty breakfast if you are at the north end of town. Huevos Rancheros like no other comes in a cast iron skillet and will have you firing on all cylinders. The Torched Oatmeal with carmelized bananas is has a creme brûlée vibe with the sugar curst but plenty of staying power.

Based on roadside diners one might have found along Route 66, Proof offers ample american fare with a culinary twist. This is authentic good food, not greasy sloppy food. The lunch and dinner menu offer portions to share or gorge. Pretzel bites and a trip to the soda fountain for a bowl of ice cream, your way are worth the indulgence. Herb Box RibsThe Herb Box  B L D – North Scottsdale and Old Town

GET THE RIBS! Thai baby backs, residue above. A touch sweet, a pinch of spice and not too tomato-y.  Full of meaty fall-off-the-bone flavor which really does melt it your mouth, chewing is only required to look civilized. Might be the best ribs on the planet. Oops, forgot to mention the side of mac & cheese.

We went for lunch, came back for dinner (to eat the same meal) and walked out with breakfast. Let’s call it foodie flavor paradise wrapped in farm stand freshness.

Herb Box DoissantAlways on the lookout for a well crafted baked good, the doisannt will not disappoint, even when eaten the next day. A balanced combination of donut and croissant filled with a creamy pillow of the daily flavor, mine was espresso cream and worth every calorie. Culinary DropoutCulinary Dropout L D – Scottsdale Waterfront, on Camelback Road.

Serving hearty American food with swagger, they are no dropout when it comes to flavor or creativity. A great spot for sharing, munching, lunching, or dinner with creative cocktails.

The Mission L D – Old Town Scottsdale

Gourmet Mexican with layers of yum. The Malbec Short Rib will please any short rib fan. The Chorizo Porchetta is only for the hungry, hints of flavors from the entire southern hemisphere, even the accompaniments are bursting with flavors. Worth noting, at night this restaurant is dark, guess the bite dark, but the food is fantastic.  Hence – no photos. 🙂 Crispy Chicken MoleSumo Maya L D – Scottsdale Road

Embrace the concept of Mexican / Asian food, because you will not be disappointed. Fresh and bursting with flavor each plate is a feast for the eyes as well as your belly.  The crispy chicken mole (above) will linger in your dreams.  Bacon GuacamoleJust when you thought you’d seen it all for bacon, the bacon guacamole is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Those big things which resemble croutons, bacon my dear.

There you have it, six incredible restaurants for every meal you’ll want while in Scottsdale and out of this never ending winter snow.


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