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Green Flooring Choices For Home Remodeling

Great looking sustainable flooring options are available. Green isn’t just a color anymore.  It is a way of life.  When planning a home or room project, green is one more item on the list of considerations.  How far to go is a personal choice.  You can make all of your selections green or just be mindful and choose green if appropriate and you’ll like the end result.  Here are two I’ve had great luck with: bamboo and tile. Bamboo is an easy green choice.  It may be grass but typical hardwood can’t compete.  There are many choices for bamboo flooring but don’t be lured in by a cheap price.  Good bamboo is priced much like good hardwood flooring and is solid all the way through.  I interviewed many different companies before I made my choice and have successfully used it for many years.  Teragren is my personal favorite for residential and commercial interiors.  It performs.

Years ago bamboo got a bad rap for delamination.  One of the causes was the mixing of species to produce the final product.   Teragren owns their own bamboo forests which means quality control rather than buying scrap from anyone with a truckload as some other manufacturers do.
Why is Bamboo a Good Substitute For Hardwood?
  1. Durable.
  2. Dimensionally stable, so no gaps as the seasons change.
  3. Renewable in nine years vs. 80-100 years for a hardwood and manufacturing produces less waste.
  4. It works just fine abutting old hardwood you want to keep.
  5. Personal favorite: is doesn’t scratch like hardwood.  I hear the sound of cat claws racing across the floor in the background, but no visual evidence.Here is a before and after of really ugly 1970’s tile as replaced with Bisazza glass tiles.

Tile is another easy option but what tile?  There are so many ceramic and glass tiles available today made from recycled or re-purposed content.  Tile is an easy way to update a space whether a floor or small kitchen backsplash.  Surprisingly it’s not that hard.  I’ve done it and I’m no contractor.

Of course Bisazza is well known for their fabulous mosaic tiles.  Where do you think they get the shards and pieces from for their Logos/Codex glass terrazzo like tile?  What could have been waste is used to make a stunning tile and countertop material.

Green is no longer the environmental but no-so-pretty or costly choice.  Green materials and surface options are gorgeous and are comparatively priced when it comes to home décor items as opposed to a new furnace or solar panels which have a large cost disparity.  The point is there are green options.  Why not make home interior selections that look fabulous and lessen your carbon footprint?

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