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Green Living, Bad Vinyl, Lighting, Bad Design and Spa Treatment

Yesterday can serve as a reminder that no matter how smart we are as humans we can not predict the future.  With this horrible tragedy fresh in our minds an sorrow in our hearts for those in Japan, I’d like to dedicate this installment of Weekend Reading to our world. Though I am by no means an environmentalist, I do consider the implications of our own consumption.  Here are a few green inspired reads some are quite fun but all are relevant.

More of my Hawaiian flower photos

In this edition I’ve tried to include blog reading to inspire mindfulness in regard to our planet; what we use, how we use it, manufacturing implications, going too far and what is left.

While catching up on the latest Tsunami news on National Geographic Daily News I noticed they’ve put together some fun quizzes to see how much you know about:

For your viewing pleasure the 2002 film Blue Vinyl (click here to watch w/ NETFLIX membership) has some startling information that will have you terrified of ever installing vinyl siding.  This is a good primer on why we need to discontinue use of any and all PVC products.

Lighting for any room can be tricky, but add in the “need to be green” components and one can go too far and ruin the space as Arne Salvesen blogs about how the trusted ceiling can may still be the best option in “Not Dead Yet! Saving the Pot Light.”

While reading I came across this perfect example of how too much $$$ can = really poor design (wasteful).  Ceilings should never be more important than the rest of the room.  Painting the beams out would have been a far better choice than highlighting them.  (This is a house listed at $15 million+ on Luxury Homes.

Finally I’d like to leave you with a healthy and natural spa experience from Art of The Spa made from the simplest ingredients,  a green apple.  After yesterday we can all use a little “me” time to remember what is really important.

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  1. Thanks so much for including us! Spa wishes, Candy

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