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Happy Valentine’s Day

 I love Valentine’s Day, always have.   It makes me think of pink, red, purple and hearts, one of my favorite things to draw as a child.  It was one of my favorite childhood holidays. Valentine’s Day is about giving smiles and showing love in a lighthearted way, just like when one was a child.Lisa Starting with those small Valentine cards our mother’s would buy in the flat box with red plastic wrap and a window so you could see if those were the good cards or not.  We used to, back before all the political correctness garbage became status quo, Valentine’s Day  was a day to celebrate in grade school. CrayonsUsing red, pink and purple construction paper and crayons in art class we made cards for our parents and decorated little mailboxes made from milk cartons to use in class for the Valentine’s Day celebration.   We looked forward to the day, not unlike Christmas.  It was a day of fun and sharing. 

The night before you signed all of your cards and printed names of the intended recipient on the envelopes and licked them closed.  In the morning one usually dressed in some fetching outfit color-matched to Valentine colors or festooned in some sort of heart detail.  No, it wasn’t only me.

Each of us dutifully placed our cards in each person’s mailbox and waited until the final hour to open them and begin the festivities.

Enter the beginning of the creative mind as it related to others and relationships.  Reading into the way a card was addressed, the message and especially how it was signed, began in grade school.

  • Who’d you get one from?  The judgements begin.
  • Who didn’t give you one, eh they are a brat anyway.
  • Who gave you two?  Somebody likes you.
  • Who didn’t address them?  This means they didn’t personally intend a specific card for you = meaningless sentiment.  Actually quite rare.
  • Who addressed the card but didn’t sign it?  Could also mean someone likes you.
  • And who signed it just with a little heart?

Such light-hearted fun was just that, though with amorous overtones in the most innocent way.  Strawberry Filled Cupcakes The day ended with yummy snacks.  Someone brought cookies, another cupcakes (homemade of course) plus there were always boxes of those little candy hearts in the mailboxes as well.  And being this was a special day, we got to have a little carton of chocolate milk.  This was before there were any such things as a peanut allergy and when homemade treats were welcome.  Home baked goods were appropriate.

Times were simpler.

Regardless of what is going on in your life or around you here is my simple Valentine to you: Happy Valentine's Day



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4 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. I also fondly remember the flat box of Valentine cards, with red plastic wrap and a window, which my Mom would buy for me. Happy Valentine’s Day! may each and every day be filled with joy, love and happiness

  2. I think you should have kids, Lisa. You’ve got this DOWN!!!

  3. Really? I am very happy to the the cool Aunt, this is plenty for me.

  4. You remember those too? Ahh, the simple life. Have a lovely day and thank you for stopping in.


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