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Have A Viewpoint When Placing Artwork

One of the most important aspects of hanging art or placing art in a room is viewpoint.  No, I’m not talking a political or personal viewpoint – in that case I would be the first to say “I don’t care, irritate whomever you please.”  What I mean is the best viewing point for a piece of artwork.  If you are going to hang something on the wall one must be able to appreciate it otherwise, what is the point?  Photo by Michael Mundy via Architectural Digest

Remember, I’m also an artist which can make me a bit snarky on the subject.  This is why my husband does not hang my artwork.

Location matters.  Some are the eye candy/money shot piece and others are for more intimate appreciation.  However with three simple steps you can get it right.

Three Steps To Art Placement

  Step 1: Is the nature of the work small and finely detailed or large and bold?  Drawings, small photos, needlework, smaller sculpture, anything best appreciated close up needs to be viewable up close.


  Step 2: The actual size of the piece of art needs to be in balance with the area on the wall, tabletop or case.  Sometimes this means grouping a number of items together to appropriately fill a space or viewpoint.


  Step 3: Locate artwork to optimize viewer’s appreciation.  Certain artwork is meant to be viewed from afar and will draw people into a room.  Others invite one closer to linger such as small or heavily detailed pieces.


When hanging or placing a piece of artwork in the home how and from where it will be viewed is a key factor in determining location.

Placing artwork can be easy with these three simple steps.  Always keep in mind the potential viewer’s location.  Certain items need to be viewed at one foot or closer or to be handled.  Others need space for one to appreciate.  Place the right piece in the right spot to optimize the viewpoint.

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