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Here Is The Top Car Enthusiast Gift For Men & Women

untitled-5How often are you on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift for a car enthusiast? You search all over for something different and unique. It gets hard to come up with the best gift for car guys, especially car gals. Car enthusiasts are all alike, we like cool, we like special, we appreciate craftsmanship, we like our marques and love to exhibit our favorite ride one way or another. I’ve finally found something which fits the bill, tall order for sure and no, it isn’t one more wheel cleaner or a book. Get ready for the absolute top car enthusiast gift for men or women, seriously this is the best Christmas gift idea for a car person aside from a car.

Rufkis NeptuneRufkis Neptune is the purveyor of hand drawn and printed men’s & women’s pocket squares and ladies scarves. Here is the part you’ll love, they specialize in amazing vintage cars, motorbikes and racing. They take the romance of a hand drawn and watercolored image and have it printed onto light silky fabric which they make into beautiful pocket squares and scarves.

Rufkis Neptune Pocke Scarves Rufkis Neptune ScarvesCreated with that old world painterly flavor, but on an iPad, their automobiles evoke classic style. This is wearable art which invites one to look closer.

carlotta of Rufkis NeptuneMeet Carlota, the one woman creator, artist and cottage industry behind Rufkis Neptune. Carlota is one of us. She has loved cars ever since she began to steal her brothers Car & Driver magazines as a teenager…but then life took her in a different direction. Recently after discovering Instagram’s world of vintage cars “my brain exploded.” She considers herself more of an abstract painter, not someone to get wound up in over-thinking trying to be too literal. After a cousin told her about a company who prints on fabric, she took her art to a whole other medium. Now she can bring her love of vintage automobiles to the automotive lover.

rufkis-neptune-instagramSure to delight any car lover, Carlota’s work speaks to your favorite car, your individuality and certainly your desire for cool cars and to express yourself. And guess what? Nobody else is doing this and she will customize with your favorite marque or car! “I’m VERY open to custom work unless its a Prius. I have to draw the line somewhere.”  Gotta love a car enthusiast with a sense of humor.

Rufkis Neptune Vintage Bugatti ScarfYou can order directly from the Rufkis Neptune Etsy store where you can also contact Carlota directly to transform your favorite car into wearable art.  Take a peek at Carlota’s paintings, she does things other than cars, but her cars are really awesome.

lisa-smith-in-rufkis-neptune-at-rolex-motorsports-reunionLucky me, after meeting Carlota earlier this year on Instagram she had a friend hand deliver this glorious scarf with a vintage Bugatti to me during Monterey Car Week. I think it goes just grand with this Type 35 at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, don’t you?


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