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High Point Market Recap: The Good and The What?

Just flew in last night from a whirlwind trip through the Fall High Point Market for home furnishings.  It was lighting, accessories, upholstery, and furniture galore.  My husband asked how big the building was… um, honey it is not a building but an entire town of buildings. How do you see it all?  You don’t.  The amount of showrooms and products are mind boggling and by the end of the day your eyes are tired from over exposure.  But it is wildly fun and inspiring.   Here is a quickie recap…The shape and simplicity of this wood table really captured my attention.  I’m very big on the not-every-item-has-to-be-eye-candy style of design.  Interesting basic side tables in appropriate sizes are not easy to come by. Let me just say, yum.  Market was very much about crisp clear colors, right up my alley.  This lacquer dresser in (almost) Lisa Blue was stunning! Have you ever seen an item you just can not get out of your head?  This traditional print restyled in energetic brights, “had me at hello.”

Previously when I’ve done a market recap it is The Good, The Bad and What Were They Thinking or Good, Bad and Whoa.  This time I’ll cut right to it.  What the…Quick, call PETA – they skinned 300 Furbies!  Seriously?  Is there enough going on in this chair or what?  Just so wrong in too many ways… for me anyways.

High Point Market overflowed with products, color and inspiration.  Next week I’ll fill you in on more great finds and home decor trends. 🙂

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