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Hip Color Schemes For Kids and Teens

Tired of the same old stuff for kids rooms?  One more girls room in frosting pink or a boy’s room in red, white & blue – yawn.  Kids and especially teens are much more in tune to decorating and design today.  Not that they all need an MTV Cribs pad but their visions have expanded beyond the typical.  They have definite opinions and with oodles of options and inspiration available why shouldn’t their room be as wonderful as possible?

We’ve created a few color scheme inspiration boards full of fresh ideas to get the ball rolling.  Please enjoy!

Girls – forget the standard stuff and have some fun, make her room as original as she is!

Updated little girl with room to grow. Fabrics: C&T- Jane Churchill, Manual Canovas, and Colefax and Fowler . For a girl who loves purple.  Fabrics: Manual Canovas, Robert Allen, and Designer’s Guild. Wallcovering: Anya Larkin. This scheme has elements to take you from infant to teenager. Paint: Sherwin Williams. Fabrics: O&L – Liberty, Donghia, Cowtan & Tout, Etamine by Zimmer Rhode, Pollack, and Maharam. Wallcovering: Wolf Gordon. Sophisticated teenager ready to become modern young lady.  Wallpaper and Fabrics: Designer’s Guild.

Boys – time to do more than red white and blue, boats and cowboys! This scheme can take you from infant to cool teenager.  Fabrics: Donghia, Pierre Frey, C&T – Jane Churchill. Wallcovering: Phillip Jefferies and private label. Paint: Sherwin Williams For the young imaginative teen set on being an individual. To the dapper young man.  Fabrics for last two pictures: Designer’s Guild. Wallpaper: Jane Churchill

Both kids and teens need their rooms to speak to their individuality.  These color schemes are designed to grow with a child, allowing personal tweaks to particular colors while allowing their rooms to be their own personal refuge.  Kids are a bit more savvy today, their room or their haven can reflect this.

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