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Holiday Interior Decorations To Start Early

Walking into a home filled with containers of stately amaryllis or being met at the door with the beckoning scent of paperwhites immediately lets your guests know they are in the home of someone special.  This year add some elegance to your holiday decor with live flowers.  Amaryllis and fragrant paperwhites are a classic and tasteful way of making a holiday interior special.

Photo via White Flower Farm

What can be easier than tossing a few bulbs in a pot?  (Or buy them pre-potted).  Anyone can run to the craft store for some all-to-prevalent plastic fakery.  I’m all for color coordinating but those hideous blue fake (or real nowadays) poinsettias with glitter are just ghastly.  Growing your own fresh flowers says you care.

Planting amaryllis or paperwhites are the easiest in  DIY holiday decorating.  I’m sorry but those huge pots of real poinsettias are so yesterday and honestly look much better with church décor.

Both paperwhites and amaryllis are available at Home Depot, Lowes or other local garden centers.  White Flower Farm, a favorite online source has oodles of colors and containers to choose from.  Price is irrelevant; the cheap blubs (check to make sure they are firm and not dried out) grow as well as the more expensive ones.  More of any single color grouped together is always better.

Follow the directions for watering and location.  Hide the plastic pots in your own pretty cachepots, baskets, or other creative containers and cover soil with moss for a clean look.

Vibrant reds, candy cane striped, pinks and pure milky whites against lively greens are the telltale signs of holiday flowers.  Interior designers often use these flowers year around for added elegance to the home interior.

Stunning options available from White Flower Farm

It is easy to time your blooms for a holiday event so it pays to buy extra and plant a week apart for a continual burst of fresh blooms.  Amaryllis take about 7-10 weeks  and Paperwhites about 4-8 weeks.  However, once they bloom they will last longer than any bouquet.

Paperwhite bulbs weighted with Lake Michigan stones in galvanized Ikea containers.

How to keep paperwhites from getting too tall and leggy?  Vodka Cocktail -1 part vodka to 10 parts water.

Not kidding.  It will stunt the height a bit and the flowers are fine.  A few years ago we were given a huge bottle of Vox vodka (not a stellar vodka in my opinion) so rather than toss it, I use it for my paperwhites.

Make your holiday interior really special this year with real flowers.  Home grown amaryllis and paperwhites are the perfect DIY holiday decorations and they look like you spend a fortune.

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  1. Thanks! We love real flowers especially paperwhites, they smell sooo good.

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