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Home Decor Gets Twiggy With It

Wood, twigs, tree bark, sticks and other such natural elements which one could find on a forest floor are a showing up all over home decor in unexpected and colorful ways.  From home lighting  to DIY hooks and other decorative objects, each has a delightful appeal when they remind us of nature.Woodgrain lightingWOOD GRAIN LIGHTING – The simple grain patterns of wood, copied onto a plexi block can add a sophisticated charm to lighting.  Painted tree crotch hooksCROTCH HOOKS – The best in the  found object mode of decorating, using the crotch of a branch… seriously is there a better name for it?  This just screams with DIY possibilities: find a branch on the ground, break it off short, sand it, spray paint, maybe a coat of sealer, drill some pilot holes, screw it in the wall and voila – you’ve got hooks! Branch LightingTWIG LIGHTS – Here we have a softer twist on an antler light.  Imagine how fun these would look in a powder room or down a hallway.   Birch Bark LanternBIRCH BARK LANTERN – This fixture is really made with a piece of birch bark, hence the little note on the lantern.  Another version of woodsy yet sophisticated, stunning.  Birds on a BookcaseBIRD FURNITURE – Hmmm, birds on a bookcase or The Birds?  One might stumble across a similar group of birds while foraging through the woods.  Cool or creepy?

Natural objects or whose which mimic nature can make an attractive addition to home decor.  From the craft-like to more artfully designed, nature has a place in the home.


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3 Responses to Home Decor Gets Twiggy With It

  1. Hi, Visiting from Bloggy Moms. I had to click on this post when I saw “crotch hooks”…lol. I really like the plexi glass light…super pretty.

  2. Nice to see you Erlene. The minute I saw those the words “crotch hooks” popped into my head.

  3. Crotch hooks! A perfect “hook” for a post. I love The Container Store’s Twig hooks. At $19.99 each, making my own seems like a no-brainer now. Thanks for the tip!

    Bird Case: Total creeper.

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