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Hot New Wallpapers Are Swoon-Worthy

In the past wallpapers were only stunning, the hot new wallpaper is downright swoon-worthy.  Get ready to be amazed.  It is time to upgrade your home decor.  These are the wallpapers to transform a roomSwoon-worthy wallpaperWallpaper is one of the most glorious inventions for the interior, it is a one stop bag of tricks for home decor.

  • Wallpaper can add dimension, texture, color and pattern.
  • Wallpaper can act as artwork.
  • Wallpaper can hide unsightly imperfections and it can transform a room in a way a can of paint will never dream of.
  • Wallpaper can visual shift the size of a room.

Want the look of paneled walls without the cost?  Paneled Wall Wallpaper This paneled wallpaper by Mineheart is so convincing one has to touch it to know it is not real.  Andy Warhol WallpaperFor the avant-garde homeowner to whom individuality is a mantra, Flavor Paper collaborated with The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts to bring stellar art to your home for a fraction of what a piece of Warhol artwork brings at auction.  Traditional Molding WallpaperIf your interests are more on the refined and traditional side, but your contractor (& your wallet) blisters at the idea of taking on 18th-century molding in real life, Trove has you covered.

Geometry doesn’t have to be just big bold chevrons and checkerboards.  Enjoy wallpaper patterns which embrace  symmetry and Craftsman Style characteristics for high style, low drama decorCraftsman style wallpaperFor those who love the precision elements of Charles Rennie Mackintosh or Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass, Grow House Grow offers a new collection titled Sister Cities to appeal to this sensibility.

Digital imaging has allowed mere wallpaper to become a whole new layer in fool-the-eye.  Faux tin ceiling wallpaperWe were introduced to the hyper-realistic NLXL wallpapers a couple of years ago.  This faux tin ceiling is one of their most popular wallpapers spotted in a trendy Italian restaurant in Paris last fall.  Faux wood wallpaperBut this faux wood wallpaper, had us fondling the display last month at ICFF, it looks too real to not be real.

Certain trends exist in wallpapers, but don’t call wallpaper trendy.  Dorothy Draper Wallpaper quoteDorothy Draper, the doyenne of American decorating, was on point with her declarations about wallpaper over 75 years ago.  Her words are still relevant today, we see the same papers she did just reimagined in a fresh form. Since this time many technical innovations have awarded us with wallpapers which are easily strippable, even stick-on versions, and most importantly digital printing has completely transformed the wallpapers available today.

Too many plain walls in a home can make a home cold or stale, AKA boring, regardless of the colors used.  Walls are flat enough on their own, it is important to sprinkle some texture and dimension around the home, not in every room, but mix things up a bit.  Roll after roll, wallpaper is interior design magic which never goes out of style.


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