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How Does Cars Yeah Celebrate 550 Podcasts?

Cars Yeah CelebratesCars Yeah is the five days a week audible drug of choice for the ultimate car enthusiast. Car guy extraordinaire Mark Greene achieves compelling interviews with some of the worlds most notable people in the automotive and motorsports arena.

Callaway CarsSo how does one celebrate 550 Cars Yeah podcasts? By doing what works. For number 550 Mark will have a conversation with Reeves Callaway, founder of Callaway Cars, Callaway Engineering, Callaway Carbon, and Callaway Competition.

Carst Yeah PodcastsThe Cars Yeah podcasts are always inspiring and informative regardless of where you car enthusiasm lands. Sometimes you know the names like racers Brian Redman or Denise McCluggage, journalist and appraiser Donald Osborne amongst many others, but often you may only know the company, the car, or product. Mark gets you to the genius behind the curtain. After listening to one of his 30-40 minute interview podcasts, you’ll come away feeling like the lucky “fly on the wall” having listened to an often intimate yet extremely illuminating conversation. I had the privilege of being at a table with racer/broadcaster Tommy Kendall at the Petersen Museum Gala, he is a interesting guy – so is his podcast!

Happy 550 Mark! We can’t wait to hear more!


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