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How Does Mom Cope When Kids are off to College?

This is a popular topic nowadays.  Some moms are sad others are just deliriously happy because their kid actually made it to college.  Even if there are still a couple of kids at home, the empty nest syndrome can start to take hold.

One great way to work through it is to decorate, redo their room.  Create a new young adult bedroom/guest suite.  No, I’m not kidding.  This is an excellent project to busy mom with as well as a wonderful welcome home (also serves as a reminder – these are temporary digs.)   A decor change can do wonders for moving to the next stage.  Besides, the stuffed animals and teenage glory days are over, the child has grown up so must the room.

Nix the bunk beds, high school trophies, bulletin boards, toys, posters, and ancillary teenage clutter.  It helps to think of it now as a guest room.

Photo by Kim Christie

Photo by Angus Fergusson

Photo by Donna Griffith all via via House and Home

This can be a relatively inexpensive DIY decorating project.  A little wall paint, new white bedding (so much easier – do the drapery too if you want)… a colorful throw, paint a couple of inexpensive bedside tables a great color, a couple of new lamps, and hang some interesting artwork.  The perfect bedroom makeover.

Best way to handle it, don’t ask them.  This is a surprise.  What a wonderful feeling it is to come home to a redone grown-up room.  It is a great way to show your support of their new stage in life.  The kids actually love it and get equally excited once they see it.

Now if this doesn’t help I found one more thing: Marriott’s Marco Island Beach Resort is offering an “Empty nester deal” September 8 –  October 2, 2011.  Maybe you might want to take a couple days by the beach to collect your decorating thoughts!


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