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How Faux Do You Wanna Go?

Faux for interiors or Trompe L’ Oeil has been around for centuries.  It is the fine art of pretense carried out to its fullest in interiors and home decor.  Faux marbleizing of architectural details was a biggie but now we’ve gone way beyond pretending those are real marble pillars flanking the entrance.A marble chair?  One could only imagine the weight…  Not so fast.  Made of wood, foam and covered in silk this is the perfect “fool the eye” piece of furniture.  Unica Home. Yeah sure, give me a hammer and an English Wheel I’ll revise the skirt on this galvanized tin console table from Sutherland.   Truthfully this life-like Scrapwood 03 wallpaper from The Wallpaper Collective would convince anyone of one’s indecision.

Faux or Trompe L’Oeil can infuse a bit of whimsy into the everyday home decor.   Fun and fanciful has a place in any home.  Can you imagine the fun one could have with the marble chair at a cocktail party?

How faux can you go?

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