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How Important is The Right Wall Color In Your Home?

How many times have you had your mind set on a paint color, until you visit the paint store and your eye darts from this one to that one, “oooh this is pretty” or “how about that”? The paint store is like an adult candy store, and if you don’t exercise restraint your home will end up looking hideous. So just how important is getting the right wall color in your home?


This morning I met with one of our clients regarding wall colors for her little girl. Its an exciting time, she is moving to the “big girl” room. However, this is also when Mom can easily get overwhelmed with the thought of a blank canvas. We’ve worked together for years, so she was ready for me with a beautiful fabric for our inspiration. She’s learned how to pick a paint color and had some perfectly matched sample colors painted on the wall. However, when it comes to wall color, sometimes matching colors exactly is all wrong.

Matching colors too precisely can result in a too comical or saturated look especially for kid rooms. Why is this bad? It gives the wall color too much importance.

The most important thing in a room, especially a bedroom, should NEVER BE THE WALL COLOR!

Softer colors let the fabric be the star and not compete with it.  Try this, scroll back up and squint, notice how the fans in the fabric and the color samples are equal in your eyes? Scroll back to the softer version and squint, the fans are more prominent. This is what you want.

Beautiful, comfortable rooms are achieved when the wall color coordinates but is not the dominant factor in the room. Fabrics, artwork, furnishings and the people in the room are so much more important than the wall color. Pick a star, maybe a guest star, of the room and let everything else exist purely to make the star come to life. This makes for a perfect room.


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