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How To Arrive Armed With A Stellar Hostess Gift

Stellar Hostess Gift IdeasWhen it comes to bringing a gift to the host, it is much more than “the thought that counts.”   A hostess gift, while one does not have to be expensive or showy, it must be appropriate.   A hostess gift is an expression of gratitude, how grateful we are for the invitation.  Consider the thought and effort which the hostess put into the occasion.  The gift we offer requires consideration well ahead of the day we arrive.  A great stellar hostess gift is all about creativityHostess gift ideasOf course we don’t always know our host well, their decor, their personal likes and dislikes but fear not these ideas are designed to make you look like a gift giving rock star and you’ll be sure to receive subsequent invitations.


  • A special bottle of champagne is always a great way to start
  • Sets of matching cloth napkins and placemats or monogrammed cocktail napkins are a great cocktail party gift
  • For those who like to cook; a special bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, set of gourmet spices, an assortment of potted herbs are all worthy culinary lover gifts
  • For those who entertain outdoors a beautiful patio lantern, handled serving trays or a potted plant
  • The latest techno gadget for the home, kitchen, patio, or entertaining
  • Gift baskets either put together by yourself or specifically curated for the host

CREATIVITY COUNTS  DIY gift baskets are fun and easy to put together.  Theme a basket around the event or something you make which is truly special.

housewarming gift basketPhoto: Coordinately Yours by Julie Blanner

If you are looking for easy homemade gift basket ideas for every occasion, Julie Blanner of Coordinately Yours offers gorgeous ideas which are sure to make you known as a supreme gift giver.

  • Rather than a just a bottle of booze, toss in a new cocktail book, a shaker, and cute cocktail napkins.
  • A basket with a hand written recipe and makings of your well-loved chocolate martini plus a set of pretty martini glasses are fun.
  • A candle is nice but add coordinating hand soap, a little book of gratitude or humor and some guest towels.
  • A gift certificate to the host’s local spa for a little pampering could include a fluffy white robe, or a couple of your favorite skin products.

Guest Room Twin BedsOVERNIGHT STAY  When bringing a hostess gift for an overnight stay, a gift should be cleverly thoughtful rather than just a token.   A bottle of wine won’t cut it, six might, depending on the host.

When in doubt, make it easy by arriving with a small gift and follow-up with a decor or personally appropriate gift to accompany your thank-you note after you arrive back home.  It is perfectly okay to do a little observatory (not snooping) reconnaissance while staying at someone’s home.  Often our minds become flooded with gift ideas once we walk in the door.  Just don’t arrive empty handed or this can sully the tone of your entire stay. Hostess Gift Faux PasThe same thank-you offered for opening a door is not the same thank-you one should offer when a guest in someone’s home.  Whatever gift you bring, make certain it is easy for the host.  Flowers should always be in a container or vase, so the host does not have to go running around searching for the perfect vase.

Being a good guest is an art which begins with gratitude.  The more personal the gift the better because this shows you thought about your host.  Arriving with a hostess gift which you’ve invested effort into will always be appreciated and remembered.


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4 Responses to How To Arrive Armed With A Stellar Hostess Gift

  1. Oh I like the idea of adding the cocktail napkins along with a recipe book. I’ve always liked baskets and found it’s so easy to create something special without a hefty price tag. Little things definitely go a long way, though, like the coordinating hand soap and guest towels. I’ve now got some great ideas for my next party.

  2. Thank you Corinna. You are right, gift baskets can be really special and not costly, but very personal. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Claire

    I stumbled on your site through the Nester. I like the thrust of your suggestions, but actually the “faux pas” of nothing “used” is one that I decry. I have had great success with mixing vintage finds or items I have found at thrift stores (obviously cleaned and in excellent condition) with bath soaps, herbs, cocktail napkins etc. which are chosen with the host/hostess in mind, or the theme of the event. I think the presentation is of prime importance with any gift, and good wrapping can elevate an inexpensive chotchke into a really thoughtful and practical gesture of thanks!

  4. Ooooh, let me clarify my “used” comment – I was not dissing vintage. I mean’t used as in passing on a item you have “used” a blender, cocktail glasses, throw pillows, etc. Vintage items are totally cool, if they are appropriate to the giftee. Sorry for the confusion. Thank you for bringing this up!


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