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How To Choose Glass Tile For The Bathroom

How to choose glass tileTile is a natural in a bathroom, choosing decorative glass tile can be the road to a beautiful bathroom.  We’d like to help simplify the process for you by inspiring you with a few creative ways to use glass tile to get the most impact.Glass tile

Why do you need tile?  Bathrooms need tile, they beg for tile.  Tile is one of the best surfaces in bathrooms because it sheds water and protects the building from water or moisture damage.  Glass tile does this plus looks clean, fresh and soothing.

Great spots for glass tile

  • shower walls, the whole wall or in small doses
  • bathtub walls or edge surround
  • backsplash
  • inset into floors as a decorative element

Bathroom floor tile with glass insetRather than have a big boring expanse of square floor tiles, we used a 6″ wide strip of glass tile to give the illusion of an area rug.  The mosaic aspect helps keep the glass from being too slippery.  This same tile will be on the sink backsplash and a different version will be wall stripes in the shower. Decorative Tile Tub SurroundHere we used glass tile as the tub deck and backsplash/surround.  This was enough, it didn’t need to go everywhere.  Budget was a concern and this provided the greatest impact. Decorative Tile Shower Surround

Let glass tile lead your color palette.   Glass tiles are full of clear crisp color options and designs.  The inherent depth in glass enhances the colors.  It is much easier to match paint, towels and other items to tile than the other way around – always start with the colorful tile  The seaglass aspect of the tile above dictated everything in the bathroom.

Glass tile is here to stay.  Glass tile can be a great way to add visual interest to a bathroom on any budget.  Tile can have a BIG influence on your overall design.  Armed with ideas on where glass tile works well in a bathroom will help you to select the right tile for your space.


Note: Many decorative tiles are not suitable for use on a floor, always check with your showroom to make sure you are selecting the right tile for the right surface.

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