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How To Create Color Palette Success

I often say “the color has to come from somewhere.”  Great interiors are created thoughtfully not haphazardly which is why picking a wall color or any other color in the room “just because” leads to a mess.  Colors for a room or home, a.k.a Color Palette, most often come from what I call a “color key.”  Works like a charm, every single time.

Color Key:  This is your color road map for interior success.  An object used as the basis for the color scheme of a room or home.  It may be a piece of fabric, artwork, patterned tile or a rug.  Colors which appear in a color key are selected for areas and furnishings.  Each color used in the room or home needs to appear in or coordinate with this piece.

How to Color Scheme with a Color KeyWe used the main Brunschwig & Fils fabric (color key) only for the homeowners chair and ottoman.  She rules her roost and for her this is the most important piece in the room.   She always wanted a yellow room, a happy room, but cozy.   You can see the how the colors from the color key float the eye around the room for a cohesive look and feel.

If you fail to use a color key the room can come off as indulgent, cartoony or just a plain old mess.

When people enter a room the colors have to make sense, this is what creates comfort.  There is no short cut to a beautiful room.

Using a color key for any room as an easy-to-follow road map can yield professional results.  If a color doesn’t relate to a chosen color key, it probably doesn’t belong in a room.  A color key is your secret weapon against creating a color disaster and your foolproof tool for color palette success.

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  1. Glad I could help. The color key makes life sooooo much easier! Thanks for reading.

    Decor Girl

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