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How To Create Eye-Popping Rooms In 3 Easy Steps

Create Eye-Popping RoomsEver walked into a room with crisp, clean colors which made you smile and said, I could live here?  Better yet, after you looked around you may have said, “why didn’t I think of this?”   One doesn’t have to be super design savvy to create a an eye-popping room which will make your friends envious.  Follow these three easy steps and you just may be begging people to leave.

Basic color interior color schemesWhite is your new best friend.  Clean and fresh interiors are a combination of one or two clear colors and white.  White is an easy basic which makes other colors more dynamic.

  • Blue and white
  • Red and white
  • Green and white
  • Turquoise and white
  • Orange and white
  • Black and white

Color scheme red white and blueWhile you may choose to add one or two additional accent colors keep their use to a minimum.  Too many colors vie for attention and can become unsettling.  If you have to use a print or pattern with more than two or three colors use it on a small chair or pillow.  How to choose interior furnishingsSource largest pieces of furniture which are clean and simple lines.  Make ample use of solid color fabrics and keep use of patterns to a minimum.  Gone are the days of a mini-print, a medium print and a large print all in the same room, not to mention on the same piece of furniture.  So 1980’s!  Simple is comfortable and inviting.

Color scheme blue and whiteKeep your woods all the same color be they light or dark.  If adding metallics pick one, and use it in repetition.

How to create beautiful roomsWhen in doubt, leave it out.  Comfortable interiors are the result of the less is more mindset.  If you don’t use it, need it or and item does not coordinate 100% with the color scheme, leave it out of the room. Embrace emptiness, open spaces are a sign of luxury.

Clutter is the number one roadblock to comfortable and peaceful rooms.   Over decorated, over accessorized, or an over all use of too much eye candy can leave people feeling anxious and unsettled. Color scheme aqua and whiteDecide what the room needs, use it and move on.  Resist the temptation of open ended decorating, you know that room which is never quite finished and needs one more thing.  No it doesn’t, finish it and enjoy it.

Many of the interiors today which make people happy exude a sense of effortless ease.  It is interior design, not rocket science.  Beautiful interiors are carefully crafted to achieve a sense of simplicity.  Keep your colors and patterns to a minimum, go for easy comfortable furnishings and be fearless with the word “no” when in comes to adding an item or accessory to a room.  You can do it, it can be this easy.


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