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How to do a Feature Wall by Sicis

Rather than talk about feature walls I found a perfect example of the appropriate way to treat a feature wall.  Use a mosaic glass creation by Sicis – The Art Mosaic Factory.


The thing about a feature wall is that it must feature something fabulous. Feature walls are not created by paint alone.

Feature: something offered as a special attraction.

I love this definition.  Feature walls have to feature something, usually artwork.  The creators at Sicis design imaginative artwork for interior walls which is meant to make a statement.  They are very special. It is about the colors, the scale the size and the way the pattern mirrors itself as the repeat.  A whole room would be too much to be appreciated, the eye has to rest and focus.  As a single piece of art this is quite fabulous.

Photos courtesy of Sicis

Where might one use this type of fabulous wall treatment?  An entryway or how about a bathroom shower like this one below.  I had been working on a master bath so when I came across this tile there was an instant connection. This wall could be made to capture the size of the mosaic.  OMG would this make for an awesome shower!

Come on, what could be better than to actually have functional artwork?  Sorry, my financial background is working the rationalization – but it does make sense.  This would be something to see and enjoy on a daily basis.  Oooh what a beautiful bathroom this would make.  Just another item for the idea file… 🙂

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2 Responses to How to do a Feature Wall by Sicis

  1. Book4MyDaughter

    Your site sucked me in right away! I love the wall idea. My husband has a furniture and home goods store, and he is always looking for the next products to sell. He works with a few interior designers, but he doesn’t seem to have the time to do any research on his own. I’m going to send him your site.
    I’m glad you got featured on #commenthour. Your blog is great!

  2. Thank you for the kind comments!

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