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How To Eat Like An Italian In Italy

How To Eat Like An ItalianOne of the first things people ask upon mentioning travel to Italy is the food.  Italy is food.

Eating in Italy will measure up to any culinary fantasy.  Ignore the guide books and just eat, any place you stumble onto from street food to cafes, to simple pizza to fine dining – every morsel is a delight.  Antipasto Italian StyleDo however trust the guidebooks and order appropriately:

  • antipasto
  • primo
  • secondo
  • dolce

At the very least, pick three.  Order some type of appetizer or first course, a main course and dessert.  Main course in ItalyDon’t say it, my fingers are in my ears, la la la la la.  But nothing, screw the concept of diet and forget calorie counting.  Eat. You don’t have to gorge but embrace every forkful, hold it in your mouth, measure each flavor and enjoy. Bottled Water in ItalyIn Italy food nourishes the body and soul.  Even bottled water tastes better, it is better.  Lemon Risotto in VeniceThis is italian food in Italy, good clean pure food.  Not the over processed, heavy, pile-on-the-bad-rubbery-cheese, slathered up American versions.  I promise, ordering all three will not have you in a food coma or undoing the top button of your pants.  Real food in Italy is far from what one might be used to.  Pillows of a white spinach lasagna in MilanFor starters, portions are appropriate.  This main lunch portion of the most amazing melt-in-your-mouth white spinach lasagna you’ve ever eaten was not the least bit heavy or too much.  Food in Italy Eating is about enjoying the flavors, not a race to devour the plate.  The whole slower attitude may also have something to do with why one doesn’t feel stuffed at the end of a complete meal. Pizza in Venice Share.  Dining in Italy is a communal event, portions are made to be shared.  No matter what you order someone else at your table will have something equally delectable. Italian Cookies When in Italy, immerse yourself and just be.  Leave the diet at home, in the sense of ignore the daily trends proclaiming eat only this, don’t eat any of that.

Give your mind and body a reprieve from current fear of eating which has permeated the American vernacular.  Enjoy!  Parma ham and brie for breakfast Accept a slower pace, lingering over a meal and eating a prosciutto, cheese and fresh bread at breakfast.  Trust me this won’t have you returning from vacation with extra pounds and ill fitting clothes as your souvenirs.  However, it may leave you with a whole new appreciation for Italian food and the Mediterranean diet you may have heard about. Venice AperitifsDon’t forget the wine or the aperitifs.  Italy has 20 regions which produce wine, most well know are Tuscany, Veneto and Piedmont.  The most recognized Italian wines are Prosecco, Amarone, Chianti, Moscato and Pinot Grigio (actually a grape) so chances are one can easily figure out what to order.  If not, just ask, Italians know wine. Poggilbello Italian WineItalian wines are good.  This small production white Ribolla Giallo wine from Poggilbello was spectacular, the right amount of citrus and mineral aspects make this a very stylish wine to serve with dinner.

Italian wines in Italy are better.

On our trip one of the women did not drink wine… in America, “it never tastes good.”  In Italy she was enjoying wine at lunch and dinner.  Italian meringuesStrolling the streets is a feast for the eyes.  These meringues are huge, more like the size of a small hat.  Heart shaped Italian PizzaThe only way to eat like an Italian in Italy is to eat and enjoy!


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11 Responses to How To Eat Like An Italian In Italy

  1. Yes, when in Rome… For sure!!!

  2. Yes, when in Rome… For sure!!! This all looks delicious– the meringues confuse me, is that size to be shared?

  3. Those meringues are huge, I’ve got to imagine they are meant to be shared!

  4. What a great post highlighting all of the deliciousness in Italy!!

  5. Thank you Joann, makes you want to hop a plane and go right back doesn’t it? Totally changed the way I’m eating and cooking. 🙂

  6. Margaret

    Wow! Everything looks yummy …. delicious authentic Italian food … Great post.
    Enjoy your day.
    Welcome to visit my blog!


  7. Thank you Margaret, it was so good but we never felt stuffed and we ate plenty! 🙂

  8. Oh, Lisa the food was so wonderful. Not a bad meal anywhere!

  9. Really tasty-looking! My most liked factor about Italia will be which it appeared like we could enter any small, inexpensive diner plus the pizza seemed to be constantly tasty. My partner and i never ever sensed like we had to spend a ton of money or maybe possibly be exceedingly frugal to obtain remarkable foodstuff.

  10. You are exactly right, inexpensive food didn’t lack flavor nor was it unhealthy. Cheap food in America is fast food, in Italy it was wonderful food – just less courses. Thanks for stopping by Chris!


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