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How To Elevate Your Garden With A Super Easy Planter Box Kit

Super easy planter box kit from Natural YardsThose of you who’ve been following along have seen my terrace design/patio transformation, know this was a big project with lots of separate parts. I’ve finally installed the last piece of this harder-than-one-would-expect outdoor puzzle. Outdoor gardening has begun in the 14 stellar blue outdoor planters which line the edge of the wall (you’ll get a peek at these in a minute) but I was left with a hole, one last piece needed to complete the patio living project. Empty corner on terrace projectThe far corner and main focal point of the terrace was empty. Luckily I found a brilliant solution in a cedar elevated planter box kit from Natural Yards which was super easy to put together and install.

We knew we wanted a planter of some sort, but what? It has to be a complete corner. This isn’t a perfect 90° corner. I made numerous drawings of planter box ideas of different styles with different heights, different materials, some custom, others fashioned out of readymade items. Nothing was quite right or it was obnoxiously expensive. My gut kept guiding me towards a natural material as there is enough other unnatural surfaces.

Natural Yards cedar planter box kitsFinally I landed on the Natural Yards website simply by clicking around on the computer. The people at Natural Yards couldn’t have been more responsive or nicer. We went back and forth with dimensions and realized though they would be happy to customize the planter box to my wishes, a standard size would work just fine. This was a notable savings.

As a huge fan of DIY projects, bordering on an obsession with putting together IKEA cabinets and furniture, a DIY kit didn’t bother me. However, I’ve never been impressed with American made items one has to put together. Past projects left me with missing hardware, warped boards, parts which didn’t exactly go together, re-drilling miss matched holes, or some other creative crafting to end up with a finished product. Natural Yards renewed my faith in made in the USA.

Tools required:

  • level
  • hammer
  • screwdriver or cordless drill (there are 76 screws for the trim kit)
  • common sense

unpacking planter box kitEvery pre-finished piece arrived meticulously packed in perfect shape, straight and ready for installation.

setting and leveling planter box bottomOnce I set and leveled the bottom pieces, the rest of the planter box went together like a children’s puzzle. Yes, it is this easy! As is a 10-year warranty is included, no extra finishing is required if you want to cultivate a weathered gray look. It can be stained or painted if you want something different. While I set aside a whole day, start to finish, I was done in barely a couple of hours! This includes type-A scrutinization of every board for proper visual results, leveling, and becoming a hack stone mason to precisely trim down a stone on the wall the planter box sits on.

hand chiseling a rock wallAdmittedly my husband later told me I used a wood chisel to take down the stone on the wall. What difference does it make? A metal chisel is a metal chisel, it worked.

Metal rods to hold corners togetherYou can see exactly how this fits like puzzle pieces. The bottom held the edges of the sidewall boards to perfect the shape and then you put them together just like Lincoln Logs. (Remember those?)

Corner finish pieces installed on cedar planter boxHere is where the 76 screws come in. The corner finish pieces, part of the optional trim kit, are cut to size attached to themselves and predrilled. No real measuring is required. Fit the corners, screw them on, attach the top pieces and you’re done.

Finished cedar planter box frorm Natural YardsWe are so pleased with the planter box and optional trim kit from Natural Yards. Now I just have to put on my outdoor gardening hat and figure out what to put in it!

Once everything is planted, 25 boxwood went in yesterday, I’ll share some photos of the completely  finished outdoor terrace. Feel free to send me your plant ideas for sun/partial shade, other than the red Japanese Maple, this corner planter box needs to be filled.


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