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How To Explain Decorating Costs To A Husband

golferLast week we related the cost of home furnishings to the costs of fashion items one might find in a gal’s closet.  This week, let’s relate interior design costs to those man things husbands don’t flinch at in terms of price.   The costs of a foursome for a round of golf can cost the same as the new wallpaper you need for the powder room.  Let’s put interiors in terms they can relate to.  In other words: how to get the “buy-in” when it comes to decorating. “Oh, you want a new TaylorMade driver let’s talk about those pillows…”  “Really, you absolutely need those new Forgiato rims for the BMW?  What did you say they cost?   Perfect, about the same as the new chairs I told you about for the living room you thought were too expensive. ” “I understand completely darling,  a new Honda FourTrax is a utility item, not a toy.  You’ll use it to haul things around the yard, I get it.  Um, we do sit on the family room sofa every day.”

Get my drift?

This all started after my husband complained about a window treatment.  His eyes got big… “that is ridiculous, blinds don’t cost that much.”   As he began to continue down this path of costing too much, I uttered one simple thing:  stainless steel exhaust tipsConversation over.  He had spent the same amount on a needless car item.  For the record stainless steel exhaust tips are silly, as the black carbon from the exhaust immediately coats the shiny stainless steel rendering this embellishment pointless.

The next time he balks at the price of some home decor items, you’ll be ready. 🙂 Lisa sigPhoto credits for guy stuff: TaylorMade, CarID and Honda.

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