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How To Prepare For Your Next Home Interior Decorating Project

Once you’ve determined what your next home interior design project is and gained the necessary consensus there is one more thing to do before hiring a contractor.  Yes, I am going to use the B-word… budget.  But there is a concession, shopping! 🙂 One must shop to determine wants and while you’re at it, snag a price.

Here is an example of items from a master bathroom wish list.Sink and tub images: MTI Baths.  Shower fixture images: Brizo

Clearly this isn’t everything for a master bath project, but at least start with the basics.  This helps to establish your budget.  Are things in line with what you wanted to spend.  Having a realistic budget is the best way to avoid future disappointment.

The time to determine product changes is BEFORE the contractor gets involved for two reasons:

  1. Give a relevant bid list to contractor or those you wish to bid on the project so you can compare apples to apples on different bids.
  2. Keep project on tract.

Probably the top complaint from designers, architects and contractors is the client doesn’t come with a clear picture of what they want or a realistic idea about what they wish to spend.  Help us, help you.

Select exact products, materials and components.  Using an interior designer, architect or kitchen & bath designer depending on the project can shortcut for this process.  There are $2,000 sofas and there are $20,000 sofas, $99 sinks and $900 sinks – the homeowner is the only one who can make the final decision on these items.  Making these decisions before the project starts will help to insure the final result is a good one.


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