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How To Get Simplistic Style At Home

A home is a haven, a place to rest, retreat, relax and revive your soul from the day to day network of the outside world.  Nowadays the idea of simplistic can seem a far off goal but if you start at home, it can filter down.  By simplifying your interiors you can bring a sense of calm to your world.Interior Designer Darryl Carter is king of the simplified interior in my book.  Here is a look at his interiors and the common elements which lead to the simplified interior. Tone On Tone Color Scheme – Using variations of one color (monochromatic) in a room brings continuity and ease to an interior space.  Start with one color and layer the pieces in a room with various shades and hues of the original color – so easy to do.

Single Palette Home – All colors in a home can start from a single color palette and weave throughout the different rooms.  This is a no-brainer for open plan interiors but works just as well in more traditional style homes as well.  Using one group of colors for the entire home creates flow and unity.   Light or White Bathrooms – In most bathrooms the main components are white: tub, toilet and sink.   White is neat, clean, fresh and easy.  Why fight it?  What makes white bathrooms so enjoyable is the option for personalization with a hint of color, if you wish to.  Quiet Bedrooms – Inspire rest by eliminating the desk, TV and excessive display.  Keep bedrooms for sleeping.  Choose a few beautiful items to gaze upon before falling asleep.

Easy Decorating – Space is luxury which is achieved by allowing for empty areas around an object.  This is what artist’s call negative space.  Keep tabletops vacant accept for a few inspiring pieces.  Organize shelving neatly for books and curate your items on display.  It is not about how much one can display but how little and keep focus.

What makes an interior simple is the lack of too much visual stimulation.  The room is easy to negotiate.  Seating is obvious and welcoming without copious amounts of throw pillows.  Furniture is about shape and form, like sculpture.  I encourage you to look over Darryl’s interiors.  His ability to keep it simple is what makes his work so brilliant.  Less is always more, more beautiful and enjoyable to inhabit.

Photos: Elle Decor, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest and Elle Decor.

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