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How To Give An Old Chair A New Life

When someone has an old piece of upholstered furniture they just can’t part with,  a full on makeover can be a fun way to revive an old cast-off.  This old ugly chair in dried out and faded crusty leather sat in the owner’s basement for almost 10 years.   His father got it as a graduation gift from college.  It served as a consistent force in the son’s life for over fifty years in various locations of the family home.  But more recently as a reminder of his dad, who he can still imagine perched comfortably watching the game or reading a favorite book. This is a family heirloom.Under the layers of dust and mold sat the bones of a great chair.  Sure the cushions were shot, but the chair was solid.  Re-upholstery to the rescue! Remnants of the original horsehair stuffing along the top edge. One of thetelltale signsof having a good piece of old furniture is when you turn it over or reach underneath and you locate webbing under the seat.  In this case we replaced the old hemp webbing which had sagged from years of use.  Click here to learn if a piece of furniture is worthy of re-upholstery.

Time to give an old chair a new life.As an interior designer offering clients value is something I take great pride in.   Re-upholstering, adding new cushions, reworking and re-padding, changing the leg color and buying new fabric, all cost less than buying a new chair of comparable quality. No longer relegated to a storage room in the basement this “new ” chair can rejoin the family.  The smile on the owner’s face when he gets to put a family heirloom back into his life = priceless.

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  1. Mary Ann

    Great job, and a great story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa M Smith

    Thank you for stopping by Mary Ann!

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