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How To Give Your Walls The Wow Factor With Easy Stripes

Room Makeover With Horizontal StripesYou know how it is with home projects, one project invariably leads to another? We recently had this happen. We needed a quick, simple DIY solution which would produce a dynamic result to give some boring walls the wow factor. The answer, Easy Stripes from Walls Need Love.

Walls BeforeWalls before wall decalsJust last week we ordered a new washer and dryer. This was my one opportunity to repaint the concrete floors in the basement laundry area. (Yes, I still believe in exercise and prefer a laundry room away from the living space.) If I was going to paint the floors, why not the walls… We had just put down our sick cat who had made the adjoining hallway walls a mess, these walls needed painting too. Once the all the paint dried I was left with bland walls in the laundry area and hallway.

This laundry room was in need of a zippy makeover. Wallpaper could work, but I wanted something I could finish quicker than ordering, installing, blah, blah, blah. Hmmm, I could paint something, though I need something which wouldn’t become dated.

Horizontal stripes are easy, dynamic, bold, and timelessly modern. Horizontal stripes would be cool! They are a great interrupter, plus the horizontal pattern moves the eye through a space, perfect.

Though I could have painted stripes or enlisted my trusty contractor, I desired a faster and easier option. The obvious solution was wall decals, Easy Stripes from Walls Need Love (WNL). I’ve used their decals before, especially to transform a hideous bathroom. They make an easy-to-use quality DIY product.

Here’s how you can easily give your walls the wow factor:How to install wall decals


  • Easy Stripes – these come in a roll one foot wide (other sizes are available)
  • Ruler – for cutting straight lines
  • Wall Level – a laser level makes this so easy
  • Painter’s tape
  • Tape Measure
  • X-ACTO Knife – for super precise cuts
  • Scissors
  • WNL Squeegee


How to install Easy Stripe Wall Decals


  1. Measure and mark guidelines on the wall.
  2. Measure, measure, measure and cut Easy Stripe to desired length.
  3. Check placement on wall, peel the backing paper off slowly while adhering the stripe to the wall.*
  4. Adhere first with hands or light squeegee, once you’ve got it right, smooth completely with squeegee.
  5. Do one wall at a time, working from bottom to top.

The next day some bubbles may appear, just prick them with the end of the X-ACTO blade and squeegee.

Painter’s tape is a necessary item. I started with a pencil making guidelines to make sure the horizontal stripes were installed level, but the tape works much better. Tape also holds the precut stripes in place to check alignment and measure cut outs. The tape became useful as extra hands while installing, holding the far end of the stripe while I peeled the back off and adhered the beginning portion.


Pre-cut wall decals for holesIt is worth the time to measure, mark and pre-cut necessary holes prior to adhering the decal to the wall. Tip: Cut a little small and adjust once installed. 

Walls AfterWalls with horizontal stripe wall decals

I found the WNL stripes forgiving, almost mistake proof. They don’t stretch and get out of alignment while installing. Repositioning is easy. Nor is it impossible to save a decal which mistakenly has stuck to itself. I love a simple DIY project which yields great results!

*WNL directs you not to take the entire paper backing off prior to installation. Sometimes I ignored the directions when it was necessary and aided proper placement.


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