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How To Make Easy Colorful Holiday Wreath or Garland

Holiday craft time, get your creative juices flowing and give yourself a pat on the back after finishing this easy wreath project.   If you love holiday decorating, odds are you also love color.  This is a color project to delight even the DIY challenged.  The true meaning of the holiday season is a given, however if you’ve landed here we both know it is also about making your home look fabulousIf your neighbors and guests are jealous, all the better.  Here’s how you how to make a super easy colorful Christmas wreath or garland from simple and inexpensive materials.

Using just a wire hanger (points for recycling) and some round bold Christmas balls (ornaments)  in solid colors, you can create something quite spectacular.  You can find these ornaments almost anywhere that sells Christmas decorations.  These are from Target and shhh they are the plastic ones.  For this project, non-glass ornaments are better because they occasionally pop off and, well who wants a mess?  Get lots and in mixed sizes.  I used multiple colors but using all one color can be equally wonderful. How to make this easy wreath:

1.  Untwist your wire hanger leaving the end with the hook in tact and soften the hard corners so you have one long slightly curvy wire.2.  Using the hanger end as your pseudo “knot”, thread ornaments at random, mixing sizes to achieve full coverage.  Get them fairly snug and shift the balls around so the wire doesn’t show.  3.  Leave enough empty wire on threading end to re-twist two ends together, creating a circle.  Use the hook end for hanging.  Snip off any excess wire.  Seriously, start to finish this can take less than 1/2 hour!

4.  Finish with a bow to cover the twisted ends.The finished wreath is roughly 15-18″ across which can be hung on its own like the first picture or here I placed it inside of a larger wreath made of fresh greenery.

How to make the garland:1.  Following steps 1 and 2 above, fill as many wire hangers with ornaments as needed for the length of the area you would like to cover.
2.  Instead of twisting each individual hanger together to form circle, twist one end of the hanger to another making a nice long swag.  I usually work with two at a time to make it manageable.
3.  Use bows to cover the attachment points and you’ve got a gorgeous looking garland or swag.People spend hundreds of dollars on these same garlands when made by someone else.  But this is one of those mindlessly easy DIY projects which can be inexpensive and look like you spent major dollars.  Have fun!

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