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How To Manipulate With Color

Wanna be like the great and powerful Oz in your own home?  Use color to get what you want. Yes, I’m serious – big business does this everyday.  They manipulate us constantly with color to influence our purchasing decisions.  Why do we feel so frenzied by and eat more than intended over the Christmas holiday season, blame it all on red.Color triggers an emotional response in people way beyond like or don’t like.  There is a true science to colors and the emotions they stir.  So why not use it to get the results you want from your family?  Use stimulating colors in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, or play room to promote activity and interaction.  Focus calm and soothing colors in bedrooms and quiet areas.
Colorful orange dining roomvia Elle DECOR Johnsonite FlooringHot red flooring from JohnsoniteSoft and soothing living room Love these dreamy peachy pink walls with the soft blues, easy to relax in.

Need to calm down an over active little boy?  Remove all the fire engine red in his room and substitute brilliant blue, he will sleep better and feel more centered. Of course I could easily go on and on about rooms in specific colors.  But what I would rather do is hear how you use color manipulation.  Don’t worry it is our secret. 🙂

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